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Encomiums!  WW2009-1

"Sereno", the new instrumental guitar CD from Sandy Hoffman, is 12 fresh tracks filled with peaceful inspiration, and played with passion and energy!"

These songs will take you to places of the heart you've never been before, and remind you of others you wish you'd never left . . .

Sandy's "Sereno" songs now available on iTunes !!

Recorded at: Worship Works! Music, Santa Fe, NM
Producer/Engineer: Sandy Hoffman
Mastered by: David Glasser at Airshow Mastering, Boulder, CO
Pre-mastering by: Marc Hoffman at Hickory Hill Studios, Salisbury, NC
Jacket design & layout: Danette Chappell, Santa Fe, NM
Cover photos: Sandy Hoffman (out the back door)
Guitar set up: Keith Vizcarra, Vizcarra Guitars, Santa Fe, NM

1   The Nod (From God)

(Sandy Hoffman) 2:52
2004 Kevin Ryan Nightingale acoustic guitar, ball bearing, eastern drum synth, sitar synth

Written on a lazy Santa Fe Sunday afternoon, just hangin’ out with the kids. Inspired by the realization that God is just fine with me investing my time in honoring Him with instrumental guitar playing - no lyrics necessary! He knows my heart. Birds tweet, frogs croak. Occasionally, so do I.

2   Elvee

(Sandy Hoffman) 3:18
2004 Kevin Ryan Nightingale acoustic guitar (capo 2nd fret)

This song was “born” in the kitchen of our home in Arcata, CA, when my daughter exclaimed, “Dad, I really like that!” My reply? I’ll finish it, and name it after you. (Her initials are “L.V.”)

3   Sereno

(Sandy Hoffman) 3:35
2005 Taylor T5 acoustic/electric guitar, egg shaker, tambourine, Fender “P” bass, Kurzweil synth #32, sax synth, kick drum synth, guitar taps

“Sereno” started out as “Sea,” another tune inspired at home in Santa Fe, but much sadder this time. My youngest was out the door to study linguistics in Graz, Austria, his return date unknown. “Empty nest” had set in. Reinforced by the gnawing in my gut, this melancholy hook emerged.

4   Kana Vaka Levu

(Sandy Hoffman) 3:15
2005 Taylor T5 acoustic/electric guitar, egg shaker, guitar taps

a.k.a. “Eat a lot,” Kana Vaka Levu is a Fijian phrase I heard over and over while staying/sometimes starving in the Nangara Village on the island of Vanua Levu. Fiji. Stone fish, dalo root and yaqona was always on the menu - hungry?

5   SoomTuba

(Sandy Hoffman) 2:21
2004 Kevin Ryan Nightingale acoustic guitar, cello, Kurzweil strings #31

Toomsuba, Mississippi lies between Meridian and the Alabama state line. The fam’ used to travel a lot between Garden Valley, TX, and Salisbury, NC. Every time we’d pass the sign for Toomsuba, I’d playfully switch the letters around for my kids, and call it “Soomtuba.” When this song, written in “tuba voicing” came along, it just naturally became “SoomTuba.”

6   Low Gap

(Sandy Hoffman) 3:13
1992 Collings D2H acoustic guitar (capo 3rd fret), cello, egg shaker, Washburn acoustic bass guitar, Kurzweil synth piano

Every valley in the North Carolina mountains seems to have it’s own name. Low Gap is a verdant valley near Jefferson. Rolling hills, creeks full of “crawdads”, abundant wildlife and cool, comfortable summer days make it a place of inspiration and peace. There the heart cannot help but be moved to song.

7   Trinidad Head

(Sandy Hoffman) 3:38
2004 Kevin Ryan Nightingale

One of my favorite places on earth. As you listen, you’ll hear the never ceasing rise and fall of the ocean waves.

8   Roundabout Rag

(Sandy Hoffman) 2:29
2004 Kevin Ryan Nightingale acoustic guitar, guitar slaps

Just a few valleys over from Low Gap, this is where my kids played in the red, orange and yellow leaves of the maples, dancing, almost weightless, to the ground.

9   Agua Fria

(Sandy Hoffman) 2:49
2004 Kevin Ryan Nightingale acoustic guitar, guitar slaps

Written in our living room on Agua Fria Street (1998) while sitting on the back seat of a two-toned blue Ford Club Wagon Van. Figure that one out.

10  A Sense Of Place

(Sandy Hoffman) 3:09
2001 Taylor 814CE acoustic guitar, Kurzweil #31 & #32

An instrumental representation of the relationship of our present earthly location to our eventual heavenly surroundings (or something like that). It was raining.

11  K-Kona

(Sandy Hoffman) 3:23
2004 Kevin Ryan Nightingale

Kona, HI with a hiccup.

12  Plaza 1, 1b

(Sandy Hoffman) 2:31
2004 Kevin Ryan Nightingale acoustic guitar, maracas, Kurzweil synth piano

This one’s a combination of free-style finger picking, and strumming in the “flail, choke and drone” tradition. Conceived one sunny afternoon on a balcony overlooking a plaza in Torrejon de Ardos, Spain, Plaza 1, 1b is an address worthy of it’s own song.

"If you want to buy an album that will inspire you musically, challenge you as a guitar player, and remind you what really great Christian art can be, then get this album. You'll love it."

"I'll bet I've played the "Sereno" CD over 100 times! The CD lives in my car player. When I'm uptight, I just hit the button, and it always makes me feel peaceful."

"You have captured the essence of Sereno! Some really great pickin' . . ."

"I will admit that when you play Kana Vaka Levu, and do that long walk down to the big E chord, I smile. I have never heard any guitar player do that. That is really cool. I love them all."

"I was blown away by the CD. It is great! You are a tremendous guitar player . . ."

". . . the CD is terrific, I was quite relaxed as soon as I listened and enjoyed."

"Each song is unique, and they are all my favorite."

"I've been playing "Sereno" on my iPod at work . . .Keeps me motivated and steady. Lovin' the album!"

"I just wanted to say what a blessing it is. The song that just gets me is called "Low Gap"...something about it. I have listened to it probably 100 times."

"I really enjoy your latest CD. I wake up to it most mornings!"

"I just wanted you to know that we are enjoying Sereno so much we play it in the morning to get our day going right."
All songs, Worship Works! Music, BMI